The Journalism School is a community-based collaborative designed to convene Journalism students, practitioners and newsrooms for skills training, innovation, research and ideas exchange.

In nearly every major media market, publications are struggling with staffing and content; and a direct correlation between a decrease in local content with spiking public finance costs passed on to taxpayers. The result: An uninformed citizenry, unchecked municipal costs and a journalist workforce with gaps in employment and limited and cost-prohibitive continuing education opportunities.

Part "city newsroom," part response to an era of slashed news budgets, The Journalism School's three-fold mission is to address publication staffing and content pain points; fill critical and costly coverage gaps in local media; and provide journalists with community-based teaching, continuing education, employment and innovation opportunities outside of traditional J-Schools.


Collaboration with publications, local neighborhoods and other storytelling- and research-centered institutions—is central to the model.


We aspire to fundamentally change the way Journalism -- a public good -- is funded and sustained, by cultivating an ecosystem of autonomous, funded, community journalists.