DESCRIPTION: The Journalism School is currently accepting applicants for its eight-week Digital Journalism Internship in partnership with a regional digital publication. The program combines rigorous academic instruction with hands-on experience in digital publication production; fortifying academic foundations with the ever-evolving skills required for immediate work with print and digital publications upon graduating.


ELIGIBILITY: The editorial internship is open to any college student entering his or her junior or senior year, or pursuing a graduate degree. Applicants must show a demonstrated interest in digital journalism or journalism adjacent storytelling spaces (either through personal projects, previous training/coursework, internships, etc.). Applicants should have solid writing skills, are curious and collaborative-minded, and have a doggedly thorough approach to research and reporting.


EXPECTATIONS: Interns are expected to work 10-12 hours weekly under a hybrid remote/in person scheduling arrangement.


OUTCOMES: The internship is a unique opportunity to develop one’s reporting, writing and research skills for a digital platform. Interns will leave the internship with a better understanding of the industry, improved skills, publishable clips (text or other types of stories) and a deep understanding of the communities studied as a foundation for sustained engagement. Interns will receive academic credit contingent upon prior approval from the intern’s academic advisor or internship coordinator; and upon successful completion of the internship.