NAMESAKE: J.A. Rogers was a Jamaican-born, international journalist and historian who filed dispatches and columns for several Black Press publications and insurgent, interventional media spaces in the early 20th century. Learn more.

DESCRIPTION: The Journalism School’s J.A. Rogers International Journalism Residency was launched for journalists with strong Diaspora interests/orientation who wish to connect their practice to a genealogy of writers and practitioners who extend reading, writing and thinking traditions rooted in the continuous inscription of the Africana experience. The summer residency will help journalists complete substantial field work in interpretive reporting and ethnography, with editorial direction from dedicated faculty editors and instructors; and theoretical and methodological insights from Africana Studies.

ELIGIBILITY: The Journalism School’s Residents have a demonstrated interest in journalism or journalism adjacent storytelling spaces (either through personal projects, previous training/school, internships, etc.), though no professional journalism experience is required. You should apply if you have solid writing skills, are curious and collaborative-minded and have a doggedly thorough approach to research and reporting. 


THEME: Each residency cycle will have a specific coverage theme tailored toward the most urgent informational needs of the communities and regions in focus.

TIME COMMITTMENT: Journalists will receive instruction in Journalism, Africana Studies research methods and Ethnography prior to the Residency, and must be able to be in-residence for up to four weeks in Jamaica during the summer.

PROVIDED: Transportation, room and board, stipend.