We've found that the best Journalism instructors are practitioners and expert-level deadline jugglers. Join our instructional team made up of other tenured journalists and media practitioners. Teach an editing course, lead a Master Class, advise a cohort. Shape the future of journalism.



What are the needs of the existing journalism workforce as it battles a sweeping repurposing?: New skillsets that parallel Journalism’s digital turn, continuous funding and autonomous publishing opportunities, time to research and compose, and community for emotional scaffolding. Workshop your latest narrative nonfiction, build your investigative reporting team, learn a new skill, launch your podcast. You've found your tribe; now you have the freedom, resources and support to go do all the things you wanted to do as a journalist.


Whether you're enrolled in a traditional journalism program or your school has given it the axe, or maybe you're considering a graduate degree in the field, make a stop here, first. Here's your chance to get hands-on journalism experience and bylines. Hone your craft, fill skills gaps and learn from a distinguished faculty of working editors and writers.


Learn documenting skills to engage in civic processes at the neighborhood level, and preserve community culture, participate in editorial budget meetings, help chronicle community narratives and histories as the ultimate keepers of them.